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The number one indicator for potential success has been the convergence of technology with the emergence of metadata.

Audocs Systems brings innovation and a Swiss army knife set of tools to the table. Not only does the System based software or program considerably decrease workload, man-hours and man-power. It maintains a low capital model in order to free up assets for basic organizational and employee or artist activities.

Initial client based, single or multi user function goes beyond the current competitor standards. Each process is source oriented Manufacturing, Publicity - Advertisement, Radio, Retail and Distribution streams of income for each facet of the music industry and a tool utilized for placing assets accurately, from a music industry insider point of view and future educators in development. Also Accounts, Music Rights Management and Statistics modules are in development.


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Global Media

Audocs System is a commercial Digital Media Delivery Service. Providing upload, packaging & delivery of assets for small businesses, labels, PROS and artists based retail networks. Including our in-house workflow or custom metadata sheet.

As the Backbone to the Audocs system, TELET (IT Group) produces and packages each customers asset for Machine2Machine delivery. The spark plug to the Audocs system is the overall proprietary workflow. Team TELET also works out of the box and is available for service on any server. Team TELET itself bases its on a simple data exchange server schematic fine tuned for Audocs proprietary workflow. Completing each task in module based system.

Audocs future development includes the ability to stack payment gateways modules, marketing modules and feed aggregation modules to name a few. Audocs System and Team TELET is ready to deliver with several metadata suites including DDEX.

How did Audocs become a business idea / solution?

Artists, publishers and producers from small to medium sized business can find challenges in the market. They are overwhelmingly the lowest paid and hardest working group within the music, education and media industry. They are often marginalized and excluded from revenue streams. There are only 2 products like this currently on the market, we will be 1 of 3, with a focus on global groups outside the main revenue artery.

Product & Benefits Of Use

Audocs (aka Audio Documents) and Team TELET provide the initial asset gathering and upload to our server. To load digital data, package digital data (transform) and ship digital data in audio and video form to global retail. In-house analysis and professional technical expertise provide various formats of each asset to global retail. Assisting, aiding and easing the burden of entities or groups attempting to deliver on their own and reaching critical mass for their products to market. After asset post-production, the last thing a project manager, artist or label wants to worry about is uploading, creating metadata or just entering data. Audocs Team Telet handles all of that for you.


The user signs up and creates an administration profile. He or she enters the main panel and is introduced to their mediator or product specialist. The product mediator is a logistics and supply chain high skilled worker who is familiar with the system and needs of the client. Audocs carefully selects mediators who are experienced in each field to better serve the client and overall business function. The mediator is equipped with several techniques to keep the project on schedule, offering concrete solutions to meet the clients needs, wether physical or digital.

Once the user is ready, they simply upload their assets zip folder to the Audocs System server. We store, process and assign metadata profiles, manage package, marketing and promotions based on the clients campaign needs. Once complete, we deliver assets in a secure industry compliant manner on our cloud base system. Users may view, edit and update the campaign in the KWALI area. Audocs System users usually bring their own contracts obtained from retailers or use our in-house suppled delivery at an additional service based fee. We recommend users to obtain their own contracts and accounts from retailers.

Major Indie / Big 4 user must hire Team Telet, license or deploy the software from their server. Audocs is responsible for the initial set-up, training and maintenance of the application including but not limited to all updates, upgrades and maintenance of software and hosting environment for the term specified.


Profile one: Independent (Indie) professionals from Europe, INDIES appear to be exhibiting growth for the 1st time in 12 years (source IFPI), these rates of growth are technology based assets such as digital music. Including programs, platforms and taxi based services.

In Europe, 99% of music businesses are micro, small or medium sized enterprises – “the independents”. Multi-National organization such as IMPALA represents over 4000 independent music companies and national associations. As IMPALA Sales Awards represent over 90 million CDs sold and 1.4 billion in revenue.


Profile two: Corporate and professionals from the United States, (Big 4) MAJOR Multinational are termed traditional businesses and appear to have the majority of the market stability due to established sources and long-term relationships. This closed system includes mergers and buyouts of American and international Indie based sectors including platforms and services such as the Orchard (A former independent).


Profile three: Global Independent artists , appear to project the most room for future growth, As an “emerging opportunity” IFPI reports, “despite its huge influence on music repertoire across the globe, most countries in Africa have not historically been significant markets for the international music industry.” This includes a rich oral tradition and diverse music culture across the continent. We asses that this segment represents a distinct model for the ‘Other’ whole of independent Artistry and are applied to any community or continent worldwide. ASCAP membership includes over 460,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers. While BMI boasts 600,000 copyright owners and an unreported number from SESAC. Without the PRO numbers of SESAC, this sector boast the greatest numbers.

Key Services

1. Metadata Localization: Including Translation for Pacific Rim. key variables isolated by language and the business culture restricted to environment. Audocs Removes this barrier by offering training. Metadata Localization is the only service that may be called on by Human entry, API or otherwise from non-subscribers or clients.

2. Marketing: Based on the proprietary workflow for product placement in US, Europe and Pacific Rim Music Market.

3. DNLD (Download Us) Global Gratis Product Delivery. Asset storage suite, Auxiliary component, that merges B2B with P2P frontend. Client assets are loaded into module for P2P Product purchase, includes service space for digital fulfillment. Features: asset storage, B2C (gratis) media delivery and merchandise fulfillment . The DNLD media based multi-level library handles retrieval to customers with unique url, electronic QR code handoff, asset download pages , iPDF’s and more.

4. Audi0FILE (In Development), Gets Users Paid with Audocs (Monetized) front facing service and how it will monetize its B2B (busines-to-business) for P2P (peer-to-peer) users. Audocs offers regular people with minor typing skills and a computer the ability to make some cash. This strategy is to stimulate the global economy, feed some hungry people and free them from the monotony of social network with no ends.

5. Rahma Payment gateway: Escrow based payment gateway. http://rahmanur

6. Manufacturing Module: USB Album Global Artists, Special Edition Vinyl, Cd & Cassette.

Technology used to develop Product

Audio Documents, Inc., A California Corporation and parent to Audocs SDN BHD has decided to reduce the interaction on 3rd party software and tools and implement its own in-house Agile based tools including API, tool building. B2B Consumer products.

User experience: System is based on proprietary workflow of Audocs. Which conforms to B2B corporate entertainment and education material placement and marketing. Users access, upload, and deliver assets from any computer at any time.


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New Custom Artist Micro-Sites For Merchandise (Handcrafted) Powered by Stripe & Audocs

Get Up and Running in 2-3 days


  • Custom Logo & Colors
  • Includes Blog / News or Press
  • Admin panel > Drop/Mailbox Direct >Stats > Blog (Updates)
  • RSS
  • Auto Backups
  • Audio Player
  • Custom Stripe Integration (Direct Payments)
  • Mailbox / dropbox
  • Contact page to your email address (un-throttled)
  • Daily Stats
  • Optional: Hats, Women or Kids (Apparel)
  • Optional: Staff Page (Pr, Promoter etc.)
  • Optional: Accessories

Service Basics

  • Powered by Audocs
  • eCommerce Powered by Stripe
  • Contact page (To custom email address)
  • Custom links (Social networks too)
  • Customer doesn’t need an account to purchase
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Up to 3 updates per week
  • iPDF - Interactive PDF, -Linked text for full zip audio preview
  • & download (dnld) -Sharable qr code, rss feed and json script
  • and more

Standard Sections

  • New Arrivals
  • Apparel / Tees & Hoodies
  • Music > Vinyl > Cd > Dnld
  • USB Albums
  • Prints or Posters
  • Press
  • ADS (Optional)
  • Gallery (Optional)
  • Spotlight / Tour updates (optional)


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