JAMi PROS provides online and desktop tools for artists, labels and managers. Scale-able functions allow you to source metadata, package albums uplift (upload) in public and private via Audocs System software. AUDOCS BIG.cat delivery tool augments the desktop software and gives you dashboard access to perform numerous duties including uplifting (uploading), online documentation and storage of assets. JAMi PROS get access to global retail playlist, delivery partners, personal accounts, DNLD gratis deliveries for merchandise and more. This tool is essential for PROS wether publisher, artists or labels who are big on independent functions with inside help from Audocs mediators. Music database placement to ISRC and RADIO delivery, this tool is a no brainer. Drawbacks include, PRO subscription and large enough catalog to justify the manhours in.


Premium music, media & audio web registrar

Audio Documents, Audocs offers premium and top level domain registration for artists and labels to safely and securely registrar, admin and claim domains. One of numerous benefits include complete ownership and control over your web address and domain. This is a great business tool for those who find gaining control, access and other time consuming aspects of domain registration a headache. Other features include paid email domains with seperate logins per address. Each account is set up and maintained by Audio Documents. We recommend this service as an essential tool for the business based artist or label. The service includes Complete domain registration & management for 600+ ICANN backed TLD's. Including mobile domains and SSL Certification. Symantec, GeoTrust, .Mobi, .Audio, .Rocks, .Hiphop, .Band, .Media and more.


BR Metadata & Audio Packager

Audocs now offers the BR (BasewareRemote) desktop software. BR was offered by Baseware Distribution which shutdown on May 13th 2016. BR is a desktop app that can be used to gather audio tracks and add metadata. Fast and stable, with standard options that have been tailored to Audocs delivery specifications. Releases can be set as 'exclusive', meaning that the release appears only on JAMi and no other digital retailers for the period of time selected, with the added benefit of a higher price point for that term. The standard turn around time for a release once delivered is 7 days.ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) are unique and permanent identifiers for a specific recording which can be permanently encoded into a product as its digital fingerprint.

Download (Mac)

BIG.Cat for JAMi

Online Audio Catalog tool and dashboard for large catalogs, Big.cat is an Audocs app operating online. Robust with several functions for audio catalog entry: Add new or back catalog release, Upload assets & Create Metadata. Upload metadata zip floder, select programs for encoding and service or retail deliveries. The online app is simple to use and efficient. Store catalog data and assets, schedule deliveries, select programs to add to the release, select multiple programs from the Audocs workflow for product placement, Add programming notes for agents and system admin, Set a release date for your product (optional), Select ready and create entry. We are optimistic about our tool and offer it to JAMi PROS with large catalogs who need efficient access.