: Licensing

To: Current JAMi PRO Clients
Re: Payments/License Agreement Update
Date 7/25/2019

Effective from 8/2019, the Audocs System initiates its Digital Economy.

Audocs is building a comprehensive system from the ground up. All JAMi PRO clients must maintain the PROs subscription/service plan for JAMi (costs = 1 USD). Under the Audocs shared revenue model. By accepting the client plan a 1$ per month charge will appear on clients credit or debit card statement. This does not include charges for add-on services. Also included is a 90 day trial period for delivering all back catalog items. Audocs can not credit the fee's per month after the trial period ends.

TERMS: Expanded JAMi PRO Licensing agreement

Note: Theres no need to sign a new agreement. By opting-in and accepting the PRO Plan, clients extend the terms of the agreement in place. Keeping the licensing agreement simple and straight-forward.

PROS Service & Program Deliveries (via Audocs)

Accepting the PRO plan