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What is JAMi PROs? JAMi PROs
How do artists get paid at JAMi? Licensing Content
Does JAMi send out royalty statements? Payments
My label needs services, how do we pay for them? Label Services
What forms of payments are rendered by JAMi. Payments
Can artists pay for services with earnings? Payments
Are partial payments allowed to start services? Payments
Is shipping & handling included with all manufacturing orders? Label Services
Where are the music albums made? Manufacturing
I am not a JAMi PRO, can I purchase services? Label Services
How can I discuss my project before or after ordering? Label Services
How do I pay for services? Payments, Label Services
How can artists deliver content? Content
Where is my PROs account? JAMi PROs
Are artists and labels able to purchase their own cd's, vinyl , usb's or Merch thru JAMi? Manufacturing
Can artists or labels resell merch orders at cost? Manufacturing
Does JAMi donate to charitable causes? Payments, Charity
Will documentation be offered for charitable contributions? Charity
What entity is responsible for JAMi PROs? Audocs
How can I make a payment for services if I do not have enough credit on file? Payments
Where can I view shipping, tracking and other information about orders? Payments, Label Services, Manufacturing