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How Does the AUX Streaming Database Work?

Audocs 'AUX' Streaming & Music retail search:


Audocs is A front-end streaming service. With back-end fulfillment and artists accelerator services. Including Radio & Retail, North American retail Co-op, Uk retail chart registration, custom Merch sites and more.

Currently open streaming, for music discovery: releases, artists, groups and labels. Focusing on new releases & touring artists.




Ingesting albums into the AUX/adD database, located at https://audiodocuments.com includes featured article/release at Audocs Beta Magazine. And featured at Audio Documents Database (adD).

Artists and labels should send all PR information, write-ups, pics and bios to Audocs. Please follow the instructions in this article.

Including, links of the MP3’s (zip only) for the album. Please ensure all files are encoded with correct titles, artist name, and cover. Downloading from Soundcloud or Bandcamp as MP3 should suffice.

JAMi cant stress enough artists geos. Please attach a pdf or text document for artist or label information. This includes artist bio, links, track-list. Please don't forget to send over the album cover(s). And, once again please state the release date (if you are re-releasing soon).

Once ingested, any articles with links will appear at https://beta.audocs.com.




Product Submissions

Audocs active album, artist and song information on AUX/AdD comes from artists and labels. Written content like reviews and biographies, metadata; Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes and Similar Artists, as well as information about credits, album covers, may originate from 3rd party sources. But, providing your product to Audocs is the quality in quality out route.


The Process

You should provide us with all scans and source assets. Tracks, credits, track listings, and cover art.



If your release is scheduled for mass ingestion, please consider 3 months lead time with Audocs.This means, if your release is going international with PR etc., include Audocs in your lead time, usually 3 months out. It can take up to 4 weeks to ingest albums (esp. vinyl)



Please include album cover images separate. And please make sure the image filename matches your UPC/Barcode/some unique identifier ID and the image size is at least 1500 pixels wide in JPEG/JPG format. Audocs list  albums and artist bios -- as well as review and synopsize as best we can. To enhance BETA Magazine coverage. Hire a writer to write your articles or send over all professional PR press kits in zip form. 



Usually a personal response about the status of your products entry into the database occurs. Yet, sometimes we forget and things happen. We suggest checking back with us (don’t be shy) about 2 weeks out if your article and/or album is not in the database. Its nothing against you, sometimes things just happen. The best way to expedite or be moved up in priority is providing us with all the information and well formatted metadata and article.

If your product appears in the Audocs database or magazine and you wish to have it removed. Please send a kind word to noreply @ audocs dot com who generally manages these things appropriately. He will not respond, just allow 24-48 hours for take downs to occur. If this doesn’t work, Rinse-Wash- AND REPEAT!