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Who Created JAMi PROS?


Hasan Rahma T' Ullah, Born William Robinson, founded Audio Documents (“Audocs”), https://audocs.com in 2008, as a workflow to aid the music placement process of small businesses and artists who needed to package, deliver and place their creative works, physically and digital. Robinson, an Independent Artisprenuer needed to create, package and disseminate his art in a retail ready manner. Simply, he needed an online delivery platform that accomplished his workflow.


For over 25 years Robinson has been a pivotal force in the Independent Music community. As an Artist, Producer and Project Manager, he is well versed in various aspects of production, product placement, packaging, pr and international marketing in the entertainment industry.  Including online, and traditional methods from sales through to release delivery, reporting & billing.  Successfully inserting Primetime & Non-Primetime commercial content to major corporations such as: MTV, MTV2, PSP, VH1, ESPN, ESPN 2, SPIKE, DISNEY CHANNEL, USA, TNT, E!, COMEDY CENTRAL & TBS.


In 2015, as the directer of merchant distributor FKA & Co., Robinson quickly injected his workflow into the company releasing over 35 physical albums in under 2 years by supplying International Indie and American based "Big Box' retail through WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, HMV, Buy CD Now (Can), Juno Records (Uk), WOW, Redeye (Au), Arukereso (Budapest), Mondadori (italy), iMusic & JPC (Germany) and more.


In mid 2017 Robinson took over Malaysian foreign owned JMR Education while still running FKA & Co. This deal integrated aspects of educational software, course-ware packaging and events from Robinson and JMR founder Darnell Liles who decided to play a lesser role in the new direction of Audocs SDN BHD formerly known as JMR Education.


With software efficiency and workflow as the cornerstone of the Audocs system, music delivery, marketing and promotions will remain an integral part of Audocs, its music related products and services.



Interesting Facts:


He formed Urban Sufi Music in 2004 and affiliated with SESAC. Publishing over 300 tracks.



audocs.com urbansufimusic.com


music tech, digital marketing, music promotion, retail, product & design


beats, abstract hip-hop, experimental electronic, instrumental hip-hop, nu-jazz


Roseville, California