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How Does JAMi Connect with DNLD?


DNLD Mobile redemption & Gratis rewards campaign. Providing music reward redemption online. DNLD also powers all digital downloads throughout the Audocs system.

Gratis delivery, campaigns, vinyl based promotions and content marketing, increase sales and awareness of physical goods. Including physical hardcopy orders augmented by custom download codes courtesy of DNLD.US. From singles to Ep’s, albums and long plays. Vinyl, Cd and Cassette releases now offer immediate downloads while physical product is shipped. Custom Loaded, customer access, entity controlled, stream, feed, create multiple playlist and offer free downloads via dnld.us. Create gifts and also deliver to PR based entities, radio stations and more. DNLD handles the complete campaign in-house, courtesy of Audocs.
DNLD enhances promotions and marketing and allows safe gratis delivery to PR and fan or customer. There will be no disruptive tracking, staling, throttling or other activities that slow down your catalog deliveries. Offering gratis downloads are painless, it takes less then 1 hour for DNLD.US to convert load and provide clients with access to their release folders. Though it only takes hours to load content, A new album through the DNLD.US system, needs 1-3 months lead time, prior to official release to be finalized. This includes physical DNLD Cards and premium album cards. This enables Audocs to secure server space and buffer for high traffic to ensure that all data is transferred accurately and consistently. Once you have access to your code and asset folder, you may begin to promote.
YES! DNLD.US is based on Factor initiatives to provide the greatest ratio and advantage for the lifespan of each asset. ‘Critical Mass’, includes every single person for the greatest number of individuals who are able to access in the greater market, for the life of the product. One custom code provides the ability for ‘EMERGENCE’, in the market, besides waiting for endorsements or absorption by a few taste-makers. With your PR campaign and consistent promotions, a highly effective gratis based initiative may create a more effective transaction for all your target groups for a low cost and legitimate transaction.


Gratis deliveries enfranchise customers bringing them onboard the release, allowing them to potentially engage, share and grow the awareness of the release. The process adds considerable difference in an elastic manner. Embracing the open market and information exchange. The same information is received linear, top to bottom without distortion. Non-spatial average, which means it is almost impossible to overlap with paid physical copies or revenue from iTunes, Apple Music Spotify and other download or streaming sources.
Non-spatial average looks at the decreasing (regression) earnings of downloads, streaming revenue and physical record sales. This alters the trend of what a ‘Run’ is based on length of time to promote, market and distribute. These are very serious matters for continued ability for Labels and Artists to create, collect and re-invest profit in order to continue their craft. This does not reflect the quality of the music. For academy, this includes offering students access to course content prior to courses starting. Isolating the causes, demographics of any attempt to gain high market position, for each release. Reviewing the market prior to release, lead time of one to three months is very critical. Check your release temperature, inserting necessary changes, and increasing consistent strategies, promotions and exposure. DNLD.US provides such space to do so. The ability to asses and potentially remove anomalies within the isolated space of the asset folder. Giving content owners the overall ability to shrink loss ratios, increase awareness by calculated interactions and circulation of assets, codes and deliverables, with consecutive engagements and releases. Assets, catalogs, releases are clear cut data that covers a wide range in the market ecology. DNLD.US, provides a clear path and location for customers and necessary marketing entities including sufficient lead time to ‘Buffer needed’ proper product launch. Eliminating ‘Cold Starts’ for ‘Launch and Product debut’ with sufficient circulation. Creating model performance for assets, clients, students or users on schedule.

SERVICES & DELIVERIES (via Audocs) DNLD.US, specialises in Entertainment services for Artists & Labels. Including; CONTENT PREP (Raw files): encoding for retail delivery, metadata and Sample clearance. CONTENT recognition and protection. ENCODING: Title and Content Registration and Insertion: UPC, ISRC, Soundscan and Global retail. CUSTOM global retail delivery (Physical & Digital endpoints): PRO based metadata and assets. audio, video and cover files. JAMi PROS Mechanical royalties collections and tracking: from delivery points, including quarterly earnings. MANUFACTURING of physical formats: including merchandise and delivery. Gratis, point of sale (POS). USB Albums, Vinyl, Cassette and CD. DNLD Custom stores for artists, labels and PROS. Online Merchandise sub-domains at dnld.us with direct payments to your bank account. PR Comprehensive and effective global: music blogs, online and hardline magazines. RADIO US/CAN (N. America): College & Mainstream delivery, submission, spin tracking and promotions EXCLUSIVE Global in-store retail playlists: including Restaurant, leisure and hospitality industries. RETAIL CHART European/UK registration: Album, video, lyrics, cover insertion Feel free to contact us for more details.