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Whats The Idea Behind Audocs?


Audocs, Audio Documents - is a Record Company/Boutique Label. Specialty Fulfillment, Downloads And Upstreaming Service. Including Short-Run and Limited Edition custom merch for artists and Labels. Products include Vinyl, Cd, DVD, Streaming, Prints, Posters, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and More. Including Media, Music, Sound Recordings, Merchandise & Artist Accelerator Services.


Audocs Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to aid indie artists, labels and, publishers express, communicate and, empower their products with initiative & creativity. As a creative, professional and, visionary organization, we affect the world positively by embracing those around us utilizing practical methods in goodness and well-being to the best of our ability. Including effective product and inventory to global philanthropy, achieving abundance, success, with longevity and ease for our company, clients and global community, God Willing.


From The Founder: William L. Robinson

     For over 20 years Robinson has been a pivotal force in the Independent Music community. As an Artist, Producer and Project Manager, he is well versed in various aspects of production, product placement, packaging, pr and international marketing in the entertainment industry.  Including online, and traditional methods from sales through to release delivery, reporting & billing.  Successfully inserting Primetime & Non-Primetime commercial content to major corporations such as: MTV, MTV2, PSP, VH1, ESPN, ESPN 2, SPIKE, DISNEY CHANNEL, USA, TNT, E!, COMEDY CENTRAL & TBS.


     In 2015, as the directer of merchant distributor FKA & Co., Robinson quickly injected his workflow into the company releasing over 35 physical albums in under 2 years by supplying International Indie and American based "Big Box' retail through WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, HMV, Buy CD Now (Can), Juno Records (Uk), WOW, Redeye (Au), Arukereso (Budapest), Mondadori (italy), iMusic & JPC (Germany) and more.


Is Audocs a streaming-platform like spotify?

No, though AUX currently provides open-listening/streaming. AUX is Audocs streaming database used to power all music streams.


Is Audocs for new acts and labels?

Audocs prefers to deal with Artists and Labels directly. Providing music discovery and accelerator services, as well fulfillment for releases, artists, groups and labels. Audocs back-end fulfillment and artists accelerator services include Radio & Retail, North American retail Co-op, Uk retail chart registration, gratis delivery and more.



 Royalty dispersement has always been an issue in the music industry. Audocs has several tools in the works to bridge the gaps. Including JAMI's own, earnings and vendor/partner royalties. To be based on weekly to quarterly tally and accumulate all streams across the platform to determine plays.

With a maximum 100 streams per track, per device (IP address), per month. Even-though streams are available 24/7, royalties and revenue based on open-streams over the period of 90 days.


Audocs Catalog & Licensing:


  1. AdD Search, explore and discover new and back catalog releases. AudioDocuments direct licensing of collections from jazz to world music. The  audio tracks grow weekly.
  2. JAMi PROS and metadata support is an additional service provided by our custom built software. Delivering content to databases and global retail.
  3. JIZYA Payments innovation, sales and royalties that reach content providers on-time. Including mechanical/physical downloads, vinyl, cd and usb-albums. Audocs Direct acquisition model, licenses content and collections direct. 
  4. Audi0FILE (Upcoming), marketing & manufacturing



Audio Documents specializes in beat art, instrumentals, library music hip-hop, nu-Jazz, world-sacred music & spoken word. 

Also pop to jazz to world music. jazz, instrumental, symphonic, contemporary, pop, folk, blues, singer-songwriter, opera, sacred, rock, dance, latin, hip-hop/Rap, stage & screen, soundtracks, film, background (commercial), spoken word, reggae, electronic, soul & new age music is accepted.