• Artists

  • ONE Project per month (pm)

  • RETAIL CD 5 units pm

  • RETAIL VINYL 1 unit pm

  • STREAM at Audocs Earn

  • ROYALTIES Earn 5¢ per track

  • FEE 50 USD pm

  • Corporation

  • A TON of Projects per month (pm)

  • RETAIL CDs 100 units pm

  • RETAIL VINYL 100 units pm

  • STREAM at Audocs Earn

  • ROYALTIES Up to 25¢ per track

  • FEE 5000 USD pm

How It Works: You earn! We manufacture, list and fulfill on-demand.

  • Streaming at Audocs

    All plans include promotional/open streaming, embeddable players, artist bio pages and more. Indie artists and labels benifit by earning on streams.

  • Merchandise

    Plans come with 1-100 retail ready CD & Vinyl units. All plans come with database inclusion, retail listing and fulfillment.

  • JIZYA Payments

    Monthly payments & revenue shares from Audocs streaming are payments from our JIZYA model. This is how indie artists and labels benifit.

  • Subscriptions

    All subscriptions are securely managed by Audocs. Each monthly fee is payable by invoice,paid in advance.

  • Available

    All plans include record delivery to Audocs streaming and distribution services. Audocs Record Distribution aka Unearthed, offering Digital downloads, Vinyl, USB & Cd's. Splits are 70/30 in favor of the subscriber.

  • Royalties

    Subscribers, by including your releases in the Audocs streaming catalog. You can earn 5-25 cent per track in monthly revenue. Artists, Labels and Company payments go out per month or quarterly.

  • Deliveries

    Other paid services include, content, ISRC & UPC Registration. N.A. radio and retail registration, N.A. radio spin tracking. Uk retail chart registration, track recognition & protection, music database prep and insertion.

  • Catalog Administration

    Larger catalog services for content delivery include all content prep. Raw metadata to product placement in all major music databases. All records include physical units on vinyl, cd or dvd, also databased.

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